Our Story

Our Story

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“Knowledge seeking should neither have a constraint nor should be restricted due to inaccessibility. Knowledge is a bird which is meant to be free.”

Prashant Kumar Dey, Director | CEO

About Us

As the name suggests, FindMeMentor.com is a platform which has been built with an aim to bring together educators and learners by providing a common arena to them. With the birth of FindMeMentor, we aim to eventually make the acts of knowledge seeking and imparting at the tip of everyone’s hand and thus, minimizing the current barriers associated with seeking knowledge and information. With these aspirations, we have created this podium which will not only act as a catalyst to spur the ideological, technical, innovative thoughts of the mentor present inside all of us and simultaneously ensuring the zeal of the learner sect continues. Keeping in view the needs and demands of this fast pacing world, we desire that knowledge is ‘accessible to all’ and we truly believe that “every mind is made for growth, all it needs is to be pointed in the right direction under the right supervision”. 

We are providing an open stage to mentors, tutors, trainers, teachers, faculties, academicians, guides and also to students, mentees and everyone else who is on their journey towards achievement. To give you a quick background about our existence, we are incorporated as a ‘private limited company’ as “Dey Education and Research Private Limited” and already have a presence across India and Singapore.

Our Objective

Learning is a lifetime process and with the advancement of technology, this constantly demanding environment and developments. These days learning new skills and gaining knowledge is a lifetime gig. Not something set aside for a few years of advanced education. While you might strive to learn as much as you can about the world, it is impossible to know everything. At a certain point, you have to recognize when you aren’t an expert about a topic. We aim that no individual is denied access to knowledge, career guidance, expert advice irrespective of their location, resources or background.

We aim to provide quality skill-based education to all sides of society whether they can afford it or cannot afford it.